Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fun!


We had so much fun spending conference weekend with the Johnson's going to an apple orchard and then some! These girls are so cute together and I wouldn't trade any of these people for the world! THIS is the life!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The last days before fall and holidays!!

To start the month I got to have another birthday! So for my birthday Dan thought it would be fun to go to the Jelly Belly Factory with everyone! I agreed! It was fun but the best part was trying all the samples at the end;) The girls had a fun time on the train tour! So cute!! Although I must admit my FAVORITE part of my birthday was getting new pots and pans from my mom and dad! THANKS!! I absolutely LoVe them!

We also had another chemo treatment (actually the last day of Aug. but whatev!) and she did GREAT! No puking at the hospital this time around! Yay:) Grandpa came to visit, as always, and brought goodies, as always! Thanks grandpa!! We had to leave her port accessed at the end of the day which she was NOT happy about but somehow she managed to live with it! What a trooper...4 chemo treatments down, 14 to go! Hang in there baby:) she's really doing super great and I'm so proud of her!

I had to take Ashton out of pre-school this year because I just didn't want to worry about missing so many days and all the germs that could be so dangerous for her little instead, I decided to put her in a small ballet class! She was SO excited to go (in theory!)...We even got there her first day super early to get comfortable with her surroundings and teacher. She's been REALLY shy and scared about new places since she started chemo so I had a feeling she'd need some time so she'd be ready when class started...It took a LOT of convincing for her to go sit down with her class and teacher, but she FINALLY did once her teacher offered a spot right next to her..:) I QUICKLY snuck out of the room and sat on the other side of the one way mirror...within about 2 minutes her face started to cloud up and she buried her face in her hands, which isn't a good sign....I was like, ohhh nooo....she's gonna CRY! It was so sad! But just as quickly as it came, it went away and she was moving and talking with her teacher and class for the rest of the time! She did GREAT and was very good at listening and following directions. I was, again, so proud of her! Can't wait for next time:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running for Ashton!

My dear friends put together an AMAZING fundraiser for my darling Ashton. It started with a strength test consisting of push ups, sit ups, tricept dips, and leg lifts. We did each for 3 minutes! (felt a LOT longer than 3 minutes each!) Then we all went straight into the endurance part: a 5K around our neighborhood! Dani and I (both PREGNANT) ran the whole thing! It was sooo much fun and Ashton gained 3 new bald buddies! Thanks EVERYONE!!! I was amazed at how many people came and were so generous and loving!
Words cannot tell how grateful we are too all!

*Adventures in August*

Lots of big and fun events happened in August! My mom and sister, Jackie, came back "home" to us and then my brother, Austin, returned from his mission in Argentina! It was such an amazing week to have EVERYONE together again! It was too short and we miss them all already! (All but Britney's fam and my family have left Chicago and gone to Utah from here on out! SAD!)

First day back with Grandma! We missed her so...

Happy reunion!
Ashton and her Great Grandpa were inseparable all week long! (Ashton's middle name is after this Grandpa's first wife, Paula, who died of cancer.) I think they have a special bond!
MASSAGE TRAIN!! What was I doing behind the camera?!?

Off to church and our last day together...
My BEST friends in the whole world!
(Including my awesome hubby of course!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fourth of July!*!/ANOTHER Bald Uncle!!

I must have missed posting for the fourth! Here's all the fun we had on our fourth! :)

A growing "Bald Buddies" team!

A few of the guys in our ward wanted to be a part of Ashton's "Bald Buddy" club and have her shave their heads. (too sweet!) Ashton was soo timid to do it herself, darn, but we still got it done! Here's Joseph, Kyle and eventually Pedro! We LOVE YOU GUYS and love the support for our Ashton!

What a GREAT looking group huh?!?! Thanks for helping make Ashton happy and feel special!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Touches my heart...

Last night for Ashton's bedtime prayer she said something that just took my breath started out about the same as usual, but ended in a very different way,

"please bless Alex and Tenny (little girls we met at the hospital) that they will have strong bodies, please bless Sister Carson that she will feel better soon, and bless Uncle Austin in Argentina. I'm grateful for the doctors that they could get the cancer bugs out of me and I could feel better...."

Oh my goodness my heart just stopped! I couldn't believe such words were coming out of my little 3 year old all on her own! I felt such sorrow and gratitude at the same time....It breaks my heart to hear such a little thing talk about such a big thing! Yet it was so comforting to hear her understand what's going on and that the doctors are the good guys! I'm so proud of my girl!
She never ceases to amaze me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our fun we had in June!

Having fun with her new "juicer" and grandpa!This is what her hair looked like after church today. She told me she wants to just shave it all off...AHHH!!!! I dunno if I can handle that yet! But it does look pretty pathetic... What a great girl!