Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our trip to Utah!


Ok! Soooo, Utah's GREAT! We had a BLAST! Dan was actually job hunting online while we were out there for jobs in Salt Lake! Haha!! Quite the transformation huh? Now that we're home, I must say, I do LOVE being home. There's nothing quite like it.. I did enjoy all the aMaZiNg food and scenery there. It was soooo strange to have everyone be so happy. I didn't realize how grouchy people can look around here! Haha! It was also wonderful to be around family that we haven't seen in YEARS! And to look out and see 3 temples at the same time! You can't do that anywhere else in the WORLD! Ashton l.o.v.e.d. the moutains. Everytime we looked out the window it was, WOOOOOW! The drive was suprisingly easy! Except for those last 6 hours that seemed to go on forever! Ashton never cried, whinned, or complained (OR PUKED!) the entire time! I was so proud of her. And grateful for Nana's ginger cookies and good ol' dramamine! gotta love 'em! Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute in Utah! Thanks to everyone, especially family, who made it wonderful! And thanks to my Lovie who was my appointed tour guide:) lovin'!

p.s. no serious job opportunities so far! ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Me? spend money to go to UTAH?? no...

So, nothing personal to all you Utah lovers, but I have never really been a huge fan.. and here I am, after all these years, making a trip out there with the fam.(Daniel's side)! I wouldn't miss this for the world though.. Daniel's sister is getting sealed to her hubby in the Salt Lake Temple this coming Saturday! We're soooo excited for them and, I have to admit, glad they gave an excuse to go out there so see the Salt Lake Temple! We'll be there for 6 days. Having never actually been to Salt Lake City, I must say I'm curious to see what all the hype is about. Mountains, Cafe Rio, Zuppas, Chik-fil-a, Rumbi's? We'll see..;)
Regardless, I feel this won't be the last time I'll find us vacationing in Utah..especially since my parents and baby sis/babysitters are moving to St. George! I can handle St. George though. Does it even count as Utah? At least it's warmer than here! I don't think I'll mind spending Christmases in St. George! We will miss them though...that means I'll have to actually depend on my ward family! How strange! ;)
So, wish me luck this coming week. I'll take pictures and come back with a review!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ok, I thought I should document this momentous occasion! I have FINALLY straightened Ashton's hair! I have been sooo paranoid that her hair is much too fine and thin to subject it to such damage..but I finally threw my caution to the wind and attacked! I was so excited! She could've cared less! The only cool part was that she had hair "like Aunt Jackie!" So pretty...:) This little girl better be grateful for her hair when she grows up! I'm jealous! Blonde, curly or straight! sometimes both...Nobody's perfect! ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

February happenings

(Pic 1)Uncle Austin/Elder Schupple mailed the girls soccer shirts from his mission in Argentina! They LOVED them! Ashton was excited they were blue; her FAVORITE color! THanks UNCLE AUsTin!

(Pic 2) They can't control their love for each other. GROUP HUG! or tackle...
We decided to move Ashton out of her toddler bed. Her crib is made to transition into a nice full bed, but Dad (WAY more fun than MOM!) decided we should set up her bunk beds! What a "fun" filled Saturday THAT was..ugh! She LOVES them and actually stays in her bed better than she used to! YAY DAD!!!!! Now we're ready for a sibling to fill the other bed! Or a friend to come sleep over! Whichever comes first! :)

Ashton is the only one in our house who actually LIKES exercising! lol...nice push up babe!