Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cameron Emily Sessions

I'll tell "the story" when I have more time... I just HAD to get some pics up!

Friday, January 7, 2011

So here's a little update without the pics...I know, the NEVER happens! So, for those of you who don't know, I am PREGNANT finally! YAY!! I'm actually about 7 months now! Due around April 3rd! We went in for my 20 week ultrasound, back in Nov., with the intention of finding out the sex and walked away just as clueless! Yes, the baby was breech with legs squished behind my pubic bone with the umbilical cord in between the legs, to boot... SO, to prety much sum up my feelings this whole pregnancy thus far, I've been pretty care free and SO not stressed about ANYTHING so far! It's very strange because I would NEVER have seen myself as the "we want it to be a surprise" sorta girl, but even if they do another ultrasound, I don't think I'll want to know even then! Now that we're kinda stuck with not knowing, I'm totally game because I will probably NEVER choose this way in the future...:D
Other than baby news, Ashton is officially HALF WAY done with her chemo!!! YAY!!!! She's been doing GREAT so far and it actually hasn't been all that unbearable. So another half sounds like a BREEZE!!! She has 7 treatments left and 2 more sets of ct scans and x-rays, and will finish by the end of May if we can stay on schedule! Our goal for her past ct scan was to be able to do it without sedation (its my LEAST favorite part..I hate seeing her awake but just creeps me out..and the recovery is just as tough as her actual chemo) So we prayed, talked, practiced and prepared like CRAZY to have her be comfortable doing the scan without sedation and she DID IT!!!!! I was soooo proud of her!!!! And proud of Dan for being able to keep her calm and confident since I'm not allowed in anymore..I am SO grateful for the full time angels that are with my Ashton girl. She never ceases to amaze me! I can't wait to be done with all of this but I haven't received so many blessings in all my life.
Now the interesting part should be in about 2.5 months when the baby is due (April) and Ashton will still have 2 months of chemo left....My sister is convinced I'm going to go into labor the night before we're supposed to go in for chemo so Dan will drop me off at the hospital and then have to take Ashton downtown for the day! So silly...I've decided there's too many disastrous scenarios that could happen so I'm convinced Heavenly Father has all this timed perfectly and flawlessly, of course, and everything will go so smoothly and stress free! I'm excited to see it all play out!
We are a blessed family, more so than many I feel! I'm not bragging, just aware and grateful! We're excited to see what this new year brings for the Sessions' family!



Good old Santa came to visit our ward Christmas party:) Christmas Eve jammies! JOY!

Ashton took pictures of all of us and made us be silly:)

Making cookies for Santa!

Thanks to EVERYONE who make this girl's Christmas so wonderful...

Thanksgiving and Ashton's 4th birthday!

We got to celebrate Ashton birthday with the Sessions' side as well! Lucky girl:)
It's amazing what you can find in grandma and grandpa's basement! hahaha!
And finally, her actual birthDAY at home! She wanted donuts instead of a cake:) YUM!

Don't ask.....its tradition and yes shooting a woodpecker is least he found that out AFTER the fact! If its any consolation...

Wow! I'm a little behind on things...

Seriously?! My last post was in OCTOBER?!! Sorry to whoever checks my blog and sorry to myself for being a bad journal here's some pics of the latest.. The first several are of our FUN visit down to St. George to see my family...just after my mom had her bike accident..:( she's healing quickly and is down to her last few weeks of having to wear her back brace-YAY!

Jackie asked a friend of hers if she could take Ashton horse back riding for her bday! Ashton had a BLAST riding "Ink"! She kept laughing the faster he'd go and would yell, "Ride like the wind Bullseye!" So funny....THANKS AUNT JACKIE (and friend Jace!)
Jackie was Ms. Malloy in Hello Dolly while we were there! FUN! Ashton has been singing songs from this musical ever since we've been joke....going on 2 months now! So funny...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fun!


We had so much fun spending conference weekend with the Johnson's going to an apple orchard and then some! These girls are so cute together and I wouldn't trade any of these people for the world! THIS is the life!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The last days before fall and holidays!!

To start the month I got to have another birthday! So for my birthday Dan thought it would be fun to go to the Jelly Belly Factory with everyone! I agreed! It was fun but the best part was trying all the samples at the end;) The girls had a fun time on the train tour! So cute!! Although I must admit my FAVORITE part of my birthday was getting new pots and pans from my mom and dad! THANKS!! I absolutely LoVe them!

We also had another chemo treatment (actually the last day of Aug. but whatev!) and she did GREAT! No puking at the hospital this time around! Yay:) Grandpa came to visit, as always, and brought goodies, as always! Thanks grandpa!! We had to leave her port accessed at the end of the day which she was NOT happy about but somehow she managed to live with it! What a trooper...4 chemo treatments down, 14 to go! Hang in there baby:) she's really doing super great and I'm so proud of her!

I had to take Ashton out of pre-school this year because I just didn't want to worry about missing so many days and all the germs that could be so dangerous for her little instead, I decided to put her in a small ballet class! She was SO excited to go (in theory!)...We even got there her first day super early to get comfortable with her surroundings and teacher. She's been REALLY shy and scared about new places since she started chemo so I had a feeling she'd need some time so she'd be ready when class started...It took a LOT of convincing for her to go sit down with her class and teacher, but she FINALLY did once her teacher offered a spot right next to her..:) I QUICKLY snuck out of the room and sat on the other side of the one way mirror...within about 2 minutes her face started to cloud up and she buried her face in her hands, which isn't a good sign....I was like, ohhh nooo....she's gonna CRY! It was so sad! But just as quickly as it came, it went away and she was moving and talking with her teacher and class for the rest of the time! She did GREAT and was very good at listening and following directions. I was, again, so proud of her! Can't wait for next time:)