Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures of the latest

Wow...sorry guys...its been so long I almost forgot I even had a blog! Well, nothing new to report really...life's the same over here! Just thought I'd put up some pictures of the past few months activities:)Sorry the captions and pictures are out of order...I just like to keep people guessing! OK....
Ashton and I went to Wagner's Farm and she loved milking the cow the best...

Then there's Jablonski's and us at Six Flags! Ashton always has her hands up before the roller coaster, The Whizzer, even starts moving!

Wonderful Clover decided to snag Ashton and take her to Indiana for 5 days so Dan and I went to the water park, Key Lime Cove, just down the street! So FUN!

Whenever Ashton has a secret to tell, its always that we're going to the temple! So Dan decided we should take her one day! She loved it! Such a cutie! That's it for now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh ya..

I forgot one other tiny new thing that happened! About a month ago we purchased our FIRST BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CAR!!! We wanted to get something that had amazing fuel efficiency and something that will last us long enough to hand down to Ashton when she's old enough! ;) So, all that, with our BUDGET in mind....we got a 2009 Toyota Yaris. Its light blue and is stick! We LOVE it soooo much! Dan drives it to work so its already got some miles on it...like 200 or so! We feel so blessed and its such a relief to know he'll get to and from work ALIVE! So, ya..that's it! :D pictures are coming when I get more time...:D

July updates

Don't worry...we are still alive! I've just been to lazy to do any updates lately! I guess the sun trumps blogs...any day! Well, let's see....maybe it's just because there's nothing new going on...HAHA! ya that sounds about right....
Dan starts his new position as head honcho of his department on MONDAY!!! YAY!!! its about time!
Ashton is now UN potty trained...GRR....we'll see if we can jump back on that train soon...ugh how exhausting! She has also learned to copy me...only when she's in time out. She'll tell me to "SHHH" and to "zip. your. mouth." and to "get rid of the attitude"...ya, maybe i need to re-evaluate my choice of words to her!!! HAHA!!! It's not fun to be told those things! I can't help but laugh...and that DOESN'T help! So, to say the least, I hope she grows out of this sassy stage soon! Oh wait...she's a girl..it'll just get worse and worse! goodie... One of the cuter thing she says these days is that she wants a baby sister! AWE!!! I just tell her me too and that we needs to ask Heavenly Father! (We haven't been preventing since the day she was born..about a year or so ago we were actually HOPING to get pregnant but nothing. And here we are, almost 3 years after Ashton, and still nothing...So, all we can do is keep on praying and trying!:D ) I'll def keep ya posted on that;)
As for me, my life is Ashton's life and enjoying any and all the time we get with our favorite guy! Dan decided it would be fun to get season passes to Six Flags this year, since Ashton's still free! She LOVES it! Someday Dan will finally have a roller coaster buddy! Such fun! Here's some pixs of the latest!

Monday, April 6, 2009


OK, so about 3 weeks ago Dan got a job teaching at a college just down the road. He is LOVING every minute of it! There was some drama going on when he started tho..Of course right!...So, here's the background: I guess the professors at this college were getting into some lazy and bad habits so they hired a new Director of Education about 6 months ago. This new director has cracked down on the rules and is trying to clean house now...I guess she has told some of them to clean up their act or find another job..pretty much! So last Wednesday, Dan comes into work and gets pulled into the director's office...he's thinkin' uh oh...turns out, earlier that morning, she fired the guy that hired him! She said she got rid of that guy and wanted Dan to take his position: The HEAD OF DEPARTMENT!!!!!!(its the medical something department...I can't remember the exact name of his dept...)but Holy cow....ya..so he is super excited to say the least! I mean who gets promoted 2.5 weeks after getting hired! What an amazing hubby I have! Seriously, its the blessings that come from paying tithing! We are just sooooo grateful for all these blessings from obeying the simple things we're asked to do! Life is so amazing right now! I'm just so happy for Dan! He so deserves this and I'm so proud of him! Love you babe!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FHE help!?

Ok, so I've decided I need to be better about having Family Home Evenings with Ashton... I have some lessons but they're still too old for Ashton...I've talked through them with the pictures and everything but I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas or knows of any ways to make Family Home Evenings effective and fun with a TWO YEAR OLD! So....PLEASE comment with ANY ideas you have!:D Thanks for your help moms!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dan's job update!!

By request....ChRIsAnNA!...;) I am giving ya all an update even though I don't have ANY pictures to go with it..I never post unless i have pictures..But a big change has occured that we're SUPER happy about; Dan got a new job!!! WUHOOOOOOO!!!! Dan used to be an anesthesia tech and Lake Forest Hospital and was HATING everyday (not the work, just his co-workers). So, he has been frantically searching for ANY other job for the past several months until he goes back to grad school in the fall. This past Friday night he got a call saying he got the job for a teaching position at a community college in Skokie(by the temple) with TWICE the pay he was getting at the hospital! He's teaching Anatomy and Phisiology aka his DREAM JOB(for now at least!) He is soooo stoked and loving every minute! He started Monday and will have long days...But at least its only Mon-Thurs. Yay for long weekends! I'm soooo happy for him! I told him it won't sink in for me until that 1st paycheck...;) haha. That's the latest so far..no word from any schools wanting him to attend thier school...so we'll just keep on praying for that! All we need is ONE yes! Keep your fingers crossed he gets in somewhere.:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elder Schupple

This is Austin about to kill a snail (I think) on their kitchen counter...GROSS!!!
Austin and his zone went to the zoo in Buenos Aires on his pday this week. I love elephants:) this one looks like he got outta his cage or something! crazy...
Awe...this is my little brudder, Austin. Isn't he so cute:) He's on his mission (only a year and a half left!....;)) in Argentina, Buenos Aires, South. I miss him lots... ya all should write or email him!:) austinschupple@yahoo.com

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who cares about the updates..I want pictures!

So I'm like the WORST blogger in the world, I've decided.. I used to get annoyed when people would write forever about what they're up to these days..But I've come to realize I'm the only one who DOESN'T! hmm...I have finally come to the realization that that is kinda the whole point of a blog! My sister told me that your blog is like your online journal with pictures! And you can get it PRINTED! So, here I am...journaling....I hate journaling...if that's even a word! But I shall try to be better at it~
K so here's MY family update...
Dan just graduated this past December (WUHOO) with his B.S. in Andragogy. No mom I didn't make up that word! Its adult education. So now he's applying like crazy to a million places so that he can actually USE his degree and get paid like he has a degree...Meanwhile, Dan has also applied to several med schools..so...Dan will HOPEFULLY get a job. Work there until July or until school starts, and then we will move to wherever he gets accepted for school! Crazy huh! Sounds like fun to me! I'm so ready for a change! We've been living in Gurnee for 4 years now, while he finished his undergrad. So I'm ready for somewhere WARMER for a change. He's applied to a school in TEXAS:), UTAH:), Indiana, Chicago.., and Massachusetts. I'm voting for Texas or Utah personally...But, I'll go where you want me/us to go, dear Lord! :) Well, Ashton's up from a too short a nap..so here's the end of jounal post number one! I'll keep ya all posted on when we hear anything from schools and jobs! Here's to CHANGE! :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random pictures from Jan09

Me and my gorgeous baby sister, Jackie:)
The girls snuck away from a few minutes and found grandma's lipstick and nail polish! Hey what are cousins for right?:)
Hee hee..."we got caught" faces. Ashton's apparently bound and determined to finish her nails before someone takes it away!
Wow...so funny! She started doing this face in the car the other day and I can't believe I actually had my camera on me!
Nice Ashton.. Love it:)

New Years with the Sessions!

Ashton had everyone wrapped around her little finger! Everytime she would laugh (very fake and forcefully if you can't tell..) everyone else would copy her. What a great grandpa! love that face!
Once again, everyone at her beck and call! It must be nice to be the only grandchild!...ring around the rosie never gets old right?? :)
Taking out the trash with grandpa! What a good little helper! So cute:)
No, we did not get a new dog...we went to the pet store and she got to play with this adorable little guy!
And she obviously LOVED him! So much fun! Maybe in a few years...or so...:/