Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Park!

This ones kinda blurry. Dan had Ashton on his shoulders and we would jump up and down in the water. She LOVED it! Big smiles:) Poor Dan looks like he's drowning!
Dan and Ashton going thru the mini whirl pool.
Ashton's wrinkly feet after a full day of swimming! They kinda look cold and purple too...

We went to an indoor water park for Dan's spring break and Ashton LOVED being in the water! My little fish!:)
Wave to Grandma!
She LOVES jumping in! Excuse the the only suit we could borrow last min...all our clothes are still in a warehouse somewhere...ugh..
Swimming in so tiring! Big yawns!
This is her excited pre-jumping to dad face.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Shedd Aquarium Trip!

This is a really blurry picture..I dunno what Ashton's looking at and GREAT face Kayla! haha! Oh well...its all we got with all 4 of us..:)
Here's Ashton posing on the turtle. She needs to learn how to smile ON COMMAND! :) I think she's still cute!
Ashton and Kayla were SO excited to see the dolphins jumping! Ashton couldn't stop dancing to the music! So cute:)
The girls! (minus year honey!)
Me and Ashton watching the turtles pee everywhere..
This was sooo funny! We went to look at the Komodo Dragon and as soon as Ashton stepped up to the glass he turned his head and stared at Ashton till we walked away! "YOU LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT!!!"


K thanks Rocko and Ashley!! I finally sat down and figured it out! Now its like duh...:) Thanks girlies! oh and Rochelle I need ur url won't let me view it when I click on it..LOVE YA! Have a fun spring break ya all. It's freaking SNOWING here....wuhoo...and HAPPY EASTER! I wanna see pixs of everyone in thier cute Easter get ups!:) lvlv!

Friday, March 14, 2008


So I totally need some help with this blogging thing...HOW THE HECK do you make your friends list on the sidebar????.....ugh..I feel so stupid...Somebody help me out pls!....;) thanks guys...:)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


These pixs will put a smile on anyone's face! Ashton and Kayla being cheezy for Aunt Brit's camera. The other one is Jackie going down the slide at Burger King. Ashton wasn't quite sure about that funny!