Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RANDOM PIXS! sorry they're so out of order...

Loving the zoo with Dad!
Ashton and Kayla got thier faces painted
so cute!
Doing crafts and the zoo. Hi Ashton..
Me and Ashton...again!:) Just a sort of recent pix of ALL of us together..:)
My lil cutie
Dan's new passion: he's been riding his bike to and from work these days. CRAZY!! Its about 25 miles total. I made him take before and after pixs:) This is after his practice run one saturday morning. He LOVES IT!
On the way to the ZOO!

Tim Tam Slam!

Jake and Jessica with baby Joey!
Jake taught us how to do the Tim Tam Slam. They even have official cups! LOVE IT! K so its a chocolate covered cookie. You bite off opposite corners and sip hot Milo through the cookie till it starts to melt. Then you shove it in your mouth! And there you have the TimTam Slam:) Thanks Jake!
I was a little slow with the slam part....apparently there's no being delicate about it or it just doesn't work!
Nice Jake..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Park!

This ones kinda blurry. Dan had Ashton on his shoulders and we would jump up and down in the water. She LOVED it! Big smiles:) Poor Dan looks like he's drowning!
Dan and Ashton going thru the mini whirl pool.
Ashton's wrinkly feet after a full day of swimming! They kinda look cold and purple too...

We went to an indoor water park for Dan's spring break and Ashton LOVED being in the water! My little fish!:)
Wave to Grandma!
She LOVES jumping in! Excuse the cleavage...it the only suit we could borrow last min...all our clothes are still in a warehouse somewhere...ugh..
Swimming in so tiring! Big yawns!
This is her excited pre-jumping to dad face.