Monday, April 6, 2009


OK, so about 3 weeks ago Dan got a job teaching at a college just down the road. He is LOVING every minute of it! There was some drama going on when he started tho..Of course right!...So, here's the background: I guess the professors at this college were getting into some lazy and bad habits so they hired a new Director of Education about 6 months ago. This new director has cracked down on the rules and is trying to clean house now...I guess she has told some of them to clean up their act or find another job..pretty much! So last Wednesday, Dan comes into work and gets pulled into the director's office...he's thinkin' uh oh...turns out, earlier that morning, she fired the guy that hired him! She said she got rid of that guy and wanted Dan to take his position: The HEAD OF DEPARTMENT!!!!!!(its the medical something department...I can't remember the exact name of his dept...)but Holy he is super excited to say the least! I mean who gets promoted 2.5 weeks after getting hired! What an amazing hubby I have! Seriously, its the blessings that come from paying tithing! We are just sooooo grateful for all these blessings from obeying the simple things we're asked to do! Life is so amazing right now! I'm just so happy for Dan! He so deserves this and I'm so proud of him! Love you babe!