Sunday, March 29, 2009

FHE help!?

Ok, so I've decided I need to be better about having Family Home Evenings with Ashton... I have some lessons but they're still too old for Ashton...I've talked through them with the pictures and everything but I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas or knows of any ways to make Family Home Evenings effective and fun with a TWO YEAR OLD! So....PLEASE comment with ANY ideas you have!:D Thanks for your help moms!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dan's job update!!

By request....ChRIsAnNA!...;) I am giving ya all an update even though I don't have ANY pictures to go with it..I never post unless i have pictures..But a big change has occured that we're SUPER happy about; Dan got a new job!!! WUHOOOOOOO!!!! Dan used to be an anesthesia tech and Lake Forest Hospital and was HATING everyday (not the work, just his co-workers). So, he has been frantically searching for ANY other job for the past several months until he goes back to grad school in the fall. This past Friday night he got a call saying he got the job for a teaching position at a community college in Skokie(by the temple) with TWICE the pay he was getting at the hospital! He's teaching Anatomy and Phisiology aka his DREAM JOB(for now at least!) He is soooo stoked and loving every minute! He started Monday and will have long days...But at least its only Mon-Thurs. Yay for long weekends! I'm soooo happy for him! I told him it won't sink in for me until that 1st paycheck...;) haha. That's the latest so word from any schools wanting him to attend thier we'll just keep on praying for that! All we need is ONE yes! Keep your fingers crossed he gets in somewhere.:)