Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running for Ashton!

My dear friends put together an AMAZING fundraiser for my darling Ashton. It started with a strength test consisting of push ups, sit ups, tricept dips, and leg lifts. We did each for 3 minutes! (felt a LOT longer than 3 minutes each!) Then we all went straight into the endurance part: a 5K around our neighborhood! Dani and I (both PREGNANT) ran the whole thing! It was sooo much fun and Ashton gained 3 new bald buddies! Thanks EVERYONE!!! I was amazed at how many people came and were so generous and loving!
Words cannot tell how grateful we are too all!

*Adventures in August*

Lots of big and fun events happened in August! My mom and sister, Jackie, came back "home" to us and then my brother, Austin, returned from his mission in Argentina! It was such an amazing week to have EVERYONE together again! It was too short and we miss them all already! (All but Britney's fam and my family have left Chicago and gone to Utah from here on out! SAD!)

First day back with Grandma! We missed her so...

Happy reunion!
Ashton and her Great Grandpa were inseparable all week long! (Ashton's middle name is after this Grandpa's first wife, Paula, who died of cancer.) I think they have a special bond!
MASSAGE TRAIN!! What was I doing behind the camera?!?

Off to church and our last day together...
My BEST friends in the whole world!
(Including my awesome hubby of course!)