Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh ya..

I forgot one other tiny new thing that happened! About a month ago we purchased our FIRST BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CAR!!! We wanted to get something that had amazing fuel efficiency and something that will last us long enough to hand down to Ashton when she's old enough! ;) So, all that, with our BUDGET in mind....we got a 2009 Toyota Yaris. Its light blue and is stick! We LOVE it soooo much! Dan drives it to work so its already got some miles on 200 or so! We feel so blessed and its such a relief to know he'll get to and from work ALIVE! So, ya..that's it! :D pictures are coming when I get more time...:D

July updates

Don't worry...we are still alive! I've just been to lazy to do any updates lately! I guess the sun trumps blogs...any day! Well, let's see....maybe it's just because there's nothing new going on...HAHA! ya that sounds about right....
Dan starts his new position as head honcho of his department on MONDAY!!! YAY!!! its about time!
Ashton is now UN potty trained...GRR....we'll see if we can jump back on that train soon...ugh how exhausting! She has also learned to copy me...only when she's in time out. She'll tell me to "SHHH" and to "zip. your. mouth." and to "get rid of the attitude"...ya, maybe i need to re-evaluate my choice of words to her!!! HAHA!!! It's not fun to be told those things! I can't help but laugh...and that DOESN'T help! So, to say the least, I hope she grows out of this sassy stage soon! Oh wait...she's a'll just get worse and worse! goodie... One of the cuter thing she says these days is that she wants a baby sister! AWE!!! I just tell her me too and that we needs to ask Heavenly Father! (We haven't been preventing since the day she was born..about a year or so ago we were actually HOPING to get pregnant but nothing. And here we are, almost 3 years after Ashton, and still nothing...So, all we can do is keep on praying and trying!:D ) I'll def keep ya posted on that;)
As for me, my life is Ashton's life and enjoying any and all the time we get with our favorite guy! Dan decided it would be fun to get season passes to Six Flags this year, since Ashton's still free! She LOVES it! Someday Dan will finally have a roller coaster buddy! Such fun! Here's some pixs of the latest!