Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures of the latest

Wow...sorry guys...its been so long I almost forgot I even had a blog! Well, nothing new to report really...life's the same over here! Just thought I'd put up some pictures of the past few months activities:)Sorry the captions and pictures are out of order...I just like to keep people guessing! OK....
Ashton and I went to Wagner's Farm and she loved milking the cow the best...

Then there's Jablonski's and us at Six Flags! Ashton always has her hands up before the roller coaster, The Whizzer, even starts moving!

Wonderful Clover decided to snag Ashton and take her to Indiana for 5 days so Dan and I went to the water park, Key Lime Cove, just down the street! So FUN!

Whenever Ashton has a secret to tell, its always that we're going to the temple! So Dan decided we should take her one day! She loved it! Such a cutie! That's it for now!