Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some February pixs

Ashton and Kayla LOVING the popsicles Aunt Britney gave them:)

HAHA YUMMY!!! "My mommy NEVER gives me this kinda stuff!!"

Just a few of my favs of Ashton:)

Just my lil squirt being CUTE!:) Grandma Sessions made a Bears hat for her so she wouldn't feel left out in our little family, Ashton tryin to give Kayla(Brit's oldest), and Ashton's 1st pedicure! so fun!:)Sorry they're so random!!

the latest mishap..

We had a little "fire" in our house about a month ago. Luckily the fire was contained inside the little kerosene heater but our house was covered in we're living with my parents (THANK YOU!) until our house is done being cleaned and re-painted. (thank goodness for home owners insurance!) so here's some pixs of the damage. it looks worse in real life. that's always the way it is huh! I thank our Heavenly Father everyday for protecting our little Ashton. She got the worst of it all cuz the heater was in her room...:'( But we're all ok and grateful for everyone willing to help! we love u!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ashton's B-Day pixs

Here's some pixs of Ashton's 1st Nov..:) so I'm a little behind! She's so fun!

We've finally joined the bloggers club!

Yay I finally sat down and created a blog! Sorry if its not that great...I'm not very techy...anyway have fun! love u all:)